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🎡 Why do some manufacturers fail to intonate the same size of music pieces? 🎢

Jun 12, 2023

πŸŽ‰ Come see our musical children's toy metal lyre pieces accessories! πŸŽ‰


πŸ”” Wonderful craftsmanship of metal sound pieces πŸ””

There are several difficult points to solve. The first is to solve the articulation accuracy of the metal lyre piece; the second is to solve the efficiency problem and achieve stable production in large quantities; the third is whether the sound difference is within a reasonable range after the product is sprayed.


🎡 The Challenge of Intonation Tuning 🎡

Achieving good tuning is a challenge for musical children's toys. We have made sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that the pitch of each sound piece is flawless. Through precise sound tuning and technical debugging, we know exactly what parts need to be tuned to ensure the pitch harmony of each piece to create a wonderful musical experience for kids.


Secondly, after having a set of samples, we have to use high-speed punching equipment for production. And every 30 minutes the product is tested for quality, and if the pitch deviates, the production mold has to be tuned immediately.


🌟 Bring the magic of music to children 🌟

Our musical children's toys are designed to inspire children's musical talents and creativity. By interacting with music, they can develop a sense of rhythm, musical perception, and coordination. This playful approach not only provides a fun but also opens the door to the world of music for children to experience the magic and endless possibilities of music.


πŸŽ‰ If you have any questions about similar products, feel free to come to us and we will provide you with a viable solution 🎢🌈


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