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We are a metal musical instrument piece factory, a manufacturer of special sound musical instrument toys, professional, entertainment, diversified, professional export, factory price, ODM&OEM, MOQ requirements
  • Children & Baby STEM toys accessories

    MOQ: 5000 sets, 20+ years of production experience. Mattel Level 1 standard; Mattel Level 2 standard;ASTM testing&EN testing

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  • Outdoor & Indoor playground toys accessories

    MOQ: 20 sets, excellent sound quality of sound pipe. Customize all colors and finished products; German standard environmental protection paint

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  • Baby happy music toy

    MOQ:1000pcs Our company's children's enlightening musical toys are high quality musical toys specially designed for children. It can help children improve their musical perception and creativity, and have fun while playing. 

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  • Playground music equipment toy

    MOQ: 10 sets will provide you with competitive prices, dear. We are a manufacturer of percussion tubes and sheets, dedicated to producing products with good sound quality. These are our playground percussion instruments.

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  • By making the most cost-effective products, it is the most competitive in the best quality. By making the most cost-effective products, it is the most competitive in the best quality.
  • Deats means distinctive effect acoustic toy Deats means distinctive effect acoustic toy
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What are the benefits of outdoor musical instruments?

There is no required skill level or age limit to play an outdoor instrument, so friends or family can do it together, with everyone contributing and creating their own musical ideas and sounds.  ...

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Official certification, professional after sales service.
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Distinctive Effect Acoustic Toys. Whether at the park, school, community playground, or home, these instruments provide a unique experience for children to have fun, grow, and learn through music. We look forward to providing you with the best quality service!

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