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Title: Seeking overseas partners for in-depth cooperation

Jun 07, 2023

Dear partners


Our company is committed to developing international markets and seeks to cooperate with you for this purpose. In order to strengthen our partnership, we have developed a series of policies and incentives aimed at achieving mutual benefits with you. We believe that through your support and cooperation, we can build a successful partnership together.


First of all, we attach great importance to the role of exhibiting at trade shows for product promotion. Therefore, we offer an incentive program that invites you to use our products as displays to showcase our company's brand and provide relevant photo and video feedback after the exhibition. In return, we will provide you with RMB 10,000 in support, which can be directly credited to the first order after the exhibition. We are convinced that in this way you will be able to fully demonstrate the advantages and features of our products and establish a closer connection with potential customers.


Secondly, another option, we are very pleased to welcome you as our long-term partner. If you are willing to accept our minimum order quantity (MOQ) accept OEM and ODM customization, we will give you a very big discount strength. At the same time, this product style is only sold to you in your country, making your company more competitive. We believe that by establishing a stable relationship with you, we can better meet the needs of you and your customers and maximize mutual benefits.


Our products, with their superior quality and innovative designs, have already gained wide recognition and acclaim in the domestic market. Our goal is to bring these advantages to the international market and work with our partners around the world to grow and develop our business. We believe that by working with you, together we can explore new markets, increase sales, and provide consumers with high quality products.


If you are interested in our partnership proposal or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to discussing further cooperation opportunities with you and providing you with more detailed information. Thank you for your interest and support of our company.


Best wishes!

Your sincere partner


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