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Think Business, Think DEATS: Beijing Exhibition

Jul 20, 2023

playground music equipment*Beijing, 2023.7.12-2023.7.14* - In a symphony of rhythm and innovation, DEATS, the leading outdoor percussion instrument manufacturer, showcased its captivating range of products at the prestigious Beijing Exhibition, leaving attendees awestruck with their artistic and percussive prowess.


The event, which took place at Beijing international exhibition, provided DEATS with a platform to connect with a diverse audience of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals from around the globe. The exhibition served as a testament to DEATS' commitment to delivering top-quality percussion instruments that resonate with musicians of all levels and genres.


**Harmonizing Innovation and Tradition**


DEATS' unique approach to crafting outdoor percussion instruments stems from the harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have solidified their reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.


"We believe that music is a universal language that brings people together. Our mission at DEATS is to create instruments that inspire musicians to connect with their inner rhythm and nature. With every drum we produce, we aim to strike a chord in the hearts of our customers,"

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**A Dazzling Showcase of Percussive Artistry**


DEATS' booth at the exhibition was a sight to behold. Vibrant displays of diverse outdoor percussion instruments adorned the area, including handcrafted drums, steel pans, bamboo chimes, and innovative digital percussion solutions. Visitors were not only invited to witness live demonstrations but also encouraged to try their hand at playing these mesmerizing instruments under the guidance of DEATS' expert team.


"The engagement we witnessed was beyond our expectations. People were genuinely fascinated by the distinct sounds and designs of our instruments. Some even lost themselves in the rhythm, creating impromptu jam sessions that echoed throughout the exhibition hall," shared [Team Member], a percussion expert from DEATS.


**Forging Lucrative Partnerships**


Beyond captivating attendees, the exhibition also served as a platform for DEATS to explore potential business collaborations. Numerous retailers, distributors, and music educators expressed keen interest in partnering with DEATS to bring their exceptional range of products to a broader audience.


"We see immense potential in collaborating with DEATS to introduce these outstanding outdoor percussion instruments to our markets. Their products perfectly complement our existing offerings and cater to a growing interest in music and outdoor experiences," stated [Business Partner], representing a prominent music retail company.


**A Crescendo of Opportunities**


The success at the Beijing Exhibition marks a significant milestone in DEATS' journey. Armed with an enthusiastic response from attendees and the prospect of promising business partnerships, DEATS is set to further expand its global presence.


"With the overwhelming encouragement we received at the exhibition, we are fueled to amplify our efforts in crafting innovative and melodious instruments. DEATS envisions a world where people can rediscover the joy of rhythm and music amidst the splendor of nature," declared [Spokesperson].

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Indeed, as DEATS continues to strike the right chords, it beckons music enthusiasts and business-minded individuals alike to embrace the mantra - "Think Business, Think DEATS" - an invitation to be part of a rhythmic journey that resonates with harmony and success.


For more information about DEATS and their range of outdoor percussion instruments, visit [www.deats.com] or contact [info@deats.cn].


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