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Application Scenario

Application Scenario

Playing C key songs professional 15-note piano xylophone bars

Mar 22, 2023

Creating AI Musical Performance Robot Leads a New Era of Musical Instrument Toys

With the rapid development of technology, Artificial Intelligence is gradually penetrating into every aspect of our lives, bringing us unprecedented convenience and innovation. In this amazing era, our client is passionate about a new AI music performing robot. As part of this exciting project, we designed and built a piano toy to add the finishing touches to the project.

During the design process of this piano toy, we integrated music theory into it, using the key of C as a benchmark to present a unique design. In terms of range, we have extended the range of sound from low G to high G, appropriately encompassing the range of human singing. This unique design makes this piano toy not just a simple toy, but a work of art that can actually play the singing parts of all songs in the key of C.

However, far from being confined to children's hands, this piano toy remains amazingly affordable. We've given full consideration to value for money, and have carefully tuned it for a beautiful and dynamic sound quality, as well as a beautiful exterior design. Whether at home or as an aid to music education, this piano toy is able to provide users with an unrivalled musical experience.

During the design process, we paid attention to every detail to ensure that this piano toy is not just a product, but also a communication of emotion. Our team combined exquisite craftsmanship with creativity to ensure that every user can feel endless fun and inspiration.

This AI music performing robot, which combines artificial intelligence technology, music theory and exquisite craftsmanship, will lead the new trend of musical toys. It is not only a piano toy, but also a work of art, an expression of emotion, bringing the charm of music into people's lives. Our passion and dedication to this project will be perfectly reflected in this robot, and we believe it will become an outstanding example of combining music and technology.

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